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Year Out //  Honourable Mention


The nascent age of shared economy and the rising trend of startup culture in the teenage years of 21st-century has shown us the alternative system that could use to counter the currently unfair neoliberal capitalist system. People no longer have bound to the generic centralised working culture. It is true that the flexibility of working and sustaining a community can be easily achieved now but most of them still struggle to own a house and even have the courage to start a family. We hypothesised that the inability to have a home is due to the centralised development our society embrace right now. Hence, it is time to rethink the idea of amateurism since the millennials will be the future inhabitants of our civilization. The proposal emphasised on giving a standard plot of land to the future communities to develop themselves organically and to cultivate the brighter side of share needs instead only of the economic needs.

T E A M   M E M B E R S

Edmund Tan

Jowin Foo

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