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N O   M A N ' S   L A N D

Year 3 // ArchReporter

Animal and mankind shared the same ground nor space on earth as a home to sustain the existence of their very own species. But for centuries of mankind perpetual strive to creates and reinvent their own human centric utopias that has neglected the coexistence of our fellow ally, the animals on earth. In the process of man-making their utopia to provocate their very own mythology of growth and progress, where it creates various issues like domination of spaces which it directly put some of our ally into the perks of extinction. As facts and statistic retrieved from humanitarian organization like the World Bank has proven that scale of human civilisation are constantly expanding resulting more spaces will be needed to house the entire race of human beings. Many mainstream manifestos along the years of enlightenment seeks to resolve the scarcity and the ownership of spaces from massive scale urbanisation, self sustain city to vertical city but not a single vision to insurge spaces for our animal allies to foster their own habitat after mankind has deliberately consumed their habitable spaces to solve our desire and shortcomings. We believe that mankind has the capacity to solve the population pandemic by claiming more lands and spaces that partially belongs to our allies then it is time to envisioned an intervention on making spaces for animals to foster its own habitats to prolong their livelihood.

T E A M   M E M B E R S

Edmund Tan

Jowin Foo

Preston Liew

Thai Chee Yong

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