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R A D I C A L   M U T A T I O N 

2nd Year // Participation

It is the epoch of digital consumption, a race between intangible and tangible realm. It is hypothesised that there’s possibility of architecture evolve into a new state. Perhaps the architecture evaporated itself from the tangible urban to the virtual urban fabric. And this manifesto will be about how the archetype of mall faced a digital revolution that could possibly cause a drastic mutation on the earthly urbanism. It is to argue that the evolution of a past ordinary to new ordinary will cause  a snowball effect towards the world of the built environment. But the evolution could be in the positive resolution and mutation. Shopping once holds a spectrum of intensifying programming will face the scenario of decentralisation because the society might no longer need to travel to a shopping mall to purchase their daily needs because shopping online is the norm by then. All they need is a gallery and hub. A pod. The moment when this space consuming complex decentralised and minimise itself into the smallest archetype which the pod. There will be more public spaces and more vacant space to solve the housing density issue as well.  Other than that, more public spaces and decentralised places mean more possibilities of explorations which the urban itself has no boundaries and all the programs are weaved together, Perhaps it is called the infinity urbanism which the urban itself become more and more like the virtual world and internet urbanism. Therefore, it is certain that the digital urban has collided with the earthly urban which you need a phone a new digital map for the exploration. In a nutshell, the archetype of mall faced a minimisation and it enlarges itself again by consuming the whole city whereby the city is the mall, the mall is the city. It is site-less, all cities are generic.

T E A M   M E M B E R S

Edmund Tan

Jowin Foo

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