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S A N D   C A S T L E

Year Out// -


Riot means “against”, “react” and “reactions”. But it normally happens when there’s a sign of opposition towards an idea nor opinion. Nevertheless, that sort of priliminary perspective was derive from our personal point of view as a spectator. Therefore, the perspective derive from the position of a participants could by de facto mean the notion of “togetherness” and at the same time“the soliditary of minority. Furthermore, riot too symbolized the impossibility of assimilation to a preordained conditions. Alas, riot is a gesture of alienation. However, we wanted eliminate the melanchonic side of foucault’s heterotopia by embracing its optimistic values of neverending collective process that could drive diversity. Nevertheless, riot as heterotopia as mirage means existence might be define by any form constructed in the material world. Hence, we borrowed the analogy of sandcastle to define our spatial installation. Sand castle only exist when there’s condition created by human driven activities.

T E A M   M E M B E R S

Edmund Tan

Jowin Foo

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