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Year Out //  Honourable Mention


Living in the post-digital age, the web has the widest reach in our current society. People are connected through social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wechat. 

The conventional way of rioting is still feasible, but by using our greatest ally – The Internet, we will be able to spark up a topic and to engage a wider audience more efficiently. Thus, transforming the way we protest in our era.

In The Hidden Riot, we use the tangible way of rioting as a disguise (Trojan Horse) while the real riot happens inside the intangible realm. In this speculated riot, it shows the potentiality of rioting in the web, connecting people together as a whole. Now, riot can happen anywhere! As long as you are online. 

EDMUND TAN_ET0713_3_1.jpg
EDMUND TAN_ET0713_2.jpg
EDMUND TAN_ET0713_3.jpg
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